Towels, Towels, Towels

The towels can be of several uses, colors, textures and shapes. The basic idea is that they are absorbent and will soak up the moisture when needed. So, when you at the beach, you will surely need a beach towel when you get out of the water. When you shower or take a bath, you need to soak up with a bath towel. When you are in a hotel, you will be able to see the change towels that the maids provide. If you need to rub your feet on something on the floor, you can use a floor towel, which can excellently replace a rug. The hand towel should not be absent from the sink, being a small, but very useful item in everyone?s lavatory.

The luxury variant of the hand towels are the show towels which may be manufactured of silk or different pretentious cloths and are meant to impress and to give a special look to the bathroom. The sweat towels are used in gyms, and are meant for people to dry up after having washed etc. For the kitchen, there are kitchen towels that come in handy whenever you get your hands dirty and you need to wash and dry them. Paper towels are a must in every person?s bag or purse. On the other hand, the sports towels were designed for swimmers, runners, bicyclers that need to dry up after a performance. The tea towel is the cloth used to dry the dishes, and the wet towel is used in the Japanese culture to wash the hands before eating.

To sum up, towels are everywhere and are used in diverse purposes. In addition, towels have even been offered parts in some films or cartoons. For instance, in the Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy, towels have a significant part, being named one of the most useful things a hitchhiker can have. Also, in the cartoon series South Park, the character Towelie has an episodic appearance, willing to get high at all times, and you?ve guessed, the part is played by a towel! Towelie always repeats to all don?t forget to bring a towel!, so don?t forget that.

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