Best Iphone Insurance – 3 Well Guarded Secrets To Save You Serious Cash

Can you picture whats its like waking up on a Sunday morning with a splitting headache from the night before, and slowly reaching for the iPhone which is not actually there. The penny drops, it was left in the back of a cab the night before and now you have no contacts, no music and no method of communication. It gets worse - it dawns on you that you didn't get round to organising iPhone insurance for your phone because the high street providers were way too expensive. This is an all to familiar scenario people, it has happened to me. Don't let it happen to you. Read on closely for the best iPhone insurance loopholes and tips going in today's market.

Why have I got an issue with the high street providers? Because they charge ??15 per month + VAT for their product which equates to almost half of my monthly tariff! Let me explain to you how you can cut costs dramatically.


1. Search the internet for an independent insurance company - A simple search for 'best iPhone insurance' yielded over 85,000 results. Folks, there are plenty of great products out there which will offer up to a 50% saving on the high street provider. And they are not hard to find either. Make sure that the insurance product offers you everything that you need, as well as the option to break the contract if you are not happy. There is no point being tied in for 12 months! To me this is the best iPhone insurance option, as you know exactly what you get.

2. Who has ever heard of your bank helping you out? - That's right guys, if you are with the right bank, they will actually insure your iPhone for free! Lloyds TSB do offer a premium bank account which is available to most long standing customers, and the good thing is there is no monthly charge either. Be prepared to fill in quite a bit of paperwork though when you actually need to make a claim, and don't expect to get a new phone within 24 hours. You also need to check how much you are actually covered for, as the latest iPhones are in excess of ??500 new.

3. Home insurance? Who would have thought! - Yep, another brilliant loophole in the system which the big shots will not want you to know. If you are a home owner, you will have contents insurance. And within this, there will be a category called 'personal belongings' which will allow you to protect these items inside and outside of your house. A good example would be a diamond engagement ring. You can add your phone to this list for a nominal fee per month (sometimes its zip), but just be aware that they will probably have a maximum amount for an mobile phone protection which is unlikely to be the full ??500.

So there you have it folks... A few of my best iPhone insurance loopholes for you to exploit heavily! Please do, it would make me feel so much better!