All About Alpha Hydroxy Acids In Anti Wrinkle Creams

Use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in anti wrinkle creams started to become extremely popular in the early 90's with concern about over exposure to the sun reaching a high. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are natural and found in certain milk products as well as various fruits. Due to their being a natural substance, it was always assumes that their use was perfectly safe. However, recently it has been thought that skin previously exposed to acid peels, whether they are natural or not, could possibly be more sensitive to UV rays and the risk of cancer associated with this exposure to the sun.
As wrinkles are a result of dead, dry surface skin cells that deteriorate and are not hydrated and plump, alpha hydroxy acid control solutions remove this dead skin and give younger, new skin life. This is a topical solution that removes the signs of dead skin, but, natural aging reduces the life of the skin cell's ability to keep its vitamins, elastin and collagen.
Repetitive facial gestures like squinting or pursed lips from smoking can cause smile lines or frown lines, forming a ripple effect over time that effects skin cells. Topical anti aging or anti wrinkle creams together with Alpha Hydroxy acids, may only be a short-term fix.
Alpha Hydroxy acids are an exfoliate that remove the outer dead skin to bring newer skin cells to the surface. These newer skin cells are free of the finer lines that first start to surface. However, some people could be sensitive to Alpha Hydroxy acid treatments and this could result in redness, blistering or itchiness which can worsen.
Your skin type should be considered when deciding whether anti aging creams or anti wrinkle creams will be best for you. If you already have dry skin, application of some creams could make your skin even drier and result in flaky skin. A person with this type of skin should look for a product that hydrates or moisturizes their skin. It really is best to get a dermatologist 's opinion prior to trying Alpha Hydroxy acids, as unwanted, poor results could be the outcome.
Many of the over-the-counter alpha hydroxy acid treatments may come in the form of a microdermabrasion kit, which essentially removes the thinner, outer layer of skin with the application of the chemical peel, and then is followed by a neutralizer to stop the acid action, followed by a deep moisturizer, or anti aging cream or anti wrinkle cream, depending on what kit you are using.
This treatment has been shown to create the appearance of younger skin in the people it is suited for, it is considered a temporary remedy, like a lot of topical treatments are. Price will not the best way to judge the results of an anti-aging cream or anti wrinkle cream, often testimonials from previous users are a good indication. Normally, it is a good idea to do research on the outcomes of different approaches and stop if there is any redness, flakiness or itchiness for more than a day or two.